Open Project to Investigate Money and Economic Systems

Welcome to OPTIMAES

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OPTIMAES has moved again. Although hopefully, the domain name http://optimaes.net will have moved with it.

If you’ve never heard of it before : OPTIMAES stands for “Open Project to Investigate Money and Economic Systems”. It’s collaborative research project for people around the world to think about what money is and how it works. In particular :

  • we favour "amateur" involvement : the founders are not trained or professional economists (although we have some friends who are) and we want to encourage other non-professionals to start thinking about these questions too.
  • our method is informed by computer simulation. We start with agent-based computer models that are simple enough that you can run them on your own PC and can learn to perform your own experiments.

The original OPTIMAES code was written in Python. More recently we experimented with  Repast.py a Python-like scripting language on top of the Java-based Repast agent modeling environment. But have, so far, stuck with Python.