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RepastPy model

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At the end of 2006, I taught a brief extension course at the University of Brasilia, introducing the idea of computer simulations in the social sciences. For this I used RepastPy (a Python-like variant of RePast)

RePast has some nice, GUI and dynamic chart generating capabilities. And useful examples such as Schelling’s model of emergent racial segregation.

And I finished the course, running similar experiments to those already presented in this blog, using basic economic agents derived from OPTIMAES.

For a while I even thought that moving to RepastPy was the future of OPTIMAES, but ultimately the subset of python offered was too limited. Repast is really a Java framework. And RepastPy grafts a very restricted scripting language sharing Python’s syntax on top. But it is not possible, for example, to define classes.

Those who are already using RepastPy, though, may find these simple versions of OPTIMAES agents interesting. Code in the code-base.