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Another Move

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So, another move.

OPTIMAES has now left Ning for this WordPress blog.

True, I haven’t been doing much on OPTIMAES in the last couple of years, but it should at least have a decent home. Ning turned out to be flooded with spam. And now they plan to start charging. (I’m not against that per se, but I’m already paying for this hosting so might as well use it.)

Fortunately, the http://optimaes.net and http://optimaes.info URLs will continue to work, and I’m sure there’ll be another burst of OPTIMAES activity at some point soon.

Note, that I’ve tried to import blog posts from the old Blogger site and the Ning group. Unfortunately I seem to have lost dates on some of them so I’ve pretty much chosen arbitrary dates that suit the ordering I’d like to give the posts. Hope this isn’t too confusing.