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A New Direction

:: code, ipython-notebook, python, optimaes

OPTIMAES is, once again, stirring slightly in its endless sleep.

We have, once again, a new blog. This time a flat site made with Frog. (I decided that the infrequency of posting here made the overhead of Wordpress unnecessary.)

So I wrote a quick importer for the old posts.

All of which would be pointless if it weren’t for a more interesting announcement. I’m moving OPTIMAES to IPython Notebook.

OPTIMAES was always meant to be a project that was about public play and exploration. While Python allows that; and sharing code via GitHub is pretty public; OPTIMAES was never very visible. IPython Notebook solves that problem, allowing us to turn programs into interactive documents with dynamic graphs.

The new code will be up on GitHub shortly. And there’ll be some instructions.